Monday, February 16, 2009

USD-CHF (Dollar - Swiss Franc) Hourly Charts Channel

A very well defined channel on the hourly charts of USD/CHF. While the top line (resistance) has been tested thrice, the bottom one has withstood multiplte tests. As such we should see a break above the resistance line which should lead to a move atleast the size of this range (300 pips).

But till then, one can continue to play the range with entry buy orders at the bottom channel line & sell orders at the top line of the channel, keeping a stop of 80 pips. If there is a breakout either on the upside or downside & your stop is taken out, take a position in the opposite side. You should be able to get around 220-250 pips even after the move.

But ideally, if on a breakout, I would wait for the price to come back & test support/resistance (for breakout on upside & downside respectively) from the earlier channel lines and take a trade there.